The Big Apple

So here I am in the midst of New York, surrounded by amazing fashion and equally amazing food and a heat that I did not expect.

Not really sure how I am going to go back ‘home’ to Canberra because in the few days I have been here, the city, has once again has stolen my heart.

After being on a self guided food safari, mainly eating my way through the best cupcakes and cheesecakes from Magnolia Bakery and Georgetown Cupcakes I decided it was time to address my fear and start shooting some street style.  

We Are Found in the Big Apple, and can you believe one of the first people I meet was called Apple!

This gorgeous soul was snapped working at J.Galt Basic& Vintage Tees (an awesome vintage store on 44 Prince Street). What I love about her eclectic style is her boldness and confidence that goes with it. So many of us are inhibited by the limitations we set. Take a breathe and step outside your comfort zone. 

Apple rocking a must have bomber jacket 

Apple rocking a must have bomber jacket 

She's a bomb!

She's a bomb!

Near by you have The Butchers Daughter. An amazing vegetarian restaurant that is great for brunch. Never thought I would say I could enjoy brunch without bacon but today my world changed! Definitely worth checking out, and don't forget to have their freshly squeezed juices. The Hangover Killer packs a nice punch!

The staff here also pack a heavy fashion punch. Greg Banks is a funk soul artist who describes his style are 'fearless'. One of my favourite words! 

Today's lessons: 

  • Dress to be different, your own unique version of yourself and no one else!
  • Be fearless. 


XO Positive vibes to you all Deejay