Creating a wardrobe that works for your unique lifestyle, shape, personality and budget is my mission. 
If you…

  •  Are bored of the same look
  •  Impulse buy
  • Feel overwhelmed when shopping
  • Dislike shopping
  • Struggle to accessorise
  • Never have anything to wear
  • Don’t know how to coordinate items within your wardrobe
  • Not sure what colours suit you
  • Have a body that has changed but a wardrobe that hasn’t
  • Not sure what are the current trends, 

let me into your wardrobe and help you. We Are Found will help you discover your style.

Package 1 Wardrobe Cleanse Consult

The wardrobe cleanse consult is the first step to detoxing your wardrobe. It is time to stop feeling frustrated looking at garments still with tags attached never worn, and not knowing how to put outfits together from your own wardrobe.

This package will help you get more organized, and teach you how to create great looks from your own closet, what works for your shape and lifestyle needs.

This package includes:

  • Style consultation
  • Wardrobe makeover

Timeframe: Approx 4 hours

Package 2 Style Revival

The style revival package is for the woman who wants to shop smarter. This experience will teach you about your body and how to shop better for you.

This will help you adopt a different mindset when it comes to shopping with the aim of saving you time, money and make your shopping experiences more enjoyable.

This package includes:

  •  Style Consultation
  •  Wardrobe makeover
  • Personal shopping session

Timeframe: Approx 7 hours

Package 3 Luxe Style Overhaul

This is the complete fashion experience! Initially started with a personalised style consultation, identifying your needs, followed by the wardrobe cleanse consult.

After determining what shapes and colours suit your best we are set to go for a fabulous day of shopping finding items that will match your lifestyle, figure and personality.

The package includes:

  • Style Consultation
  • Wardrobe makeover
  • Fit and styling recommendations
  • Personal shopping session
  • Makeup consultation
  • Special event styling session

Timeframe: Approx 1 ½ days